Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2019 if You’re Stuck for What to Buy Your Old Man

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 25 May 2019

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2019 if You’re Stuck for What to Buy Your Old Man



Dads are difficult to buy for. He might say, ‘oh, just get me some socks or something’, but does he really mean it? Probably not. This leaves you with a great deal of work to do in order to find the perfect present to demonstrate what your old man means to you. You could just grab whatever is left in the shops on the day before Father’s Day, but why not surprise him with something thoughtful and original instead?

If you want to thank him for his unwavering love and support and apologise for all those times you infuriated him by coming home late or storming off to your room in a grump, here are some gift ideas for Father’s Day 2019 that are guaranteed to put a smile on your dad’s face.


Start With an Afrocentric Card



How often have you tried to buy your dad a Father’s Day card and found nothing suitable? Chances are, there wasn’t a single item that reflected his heritage and background. This is the very reason that Special Touch Designs began - to fill that hole in the market.

Browse our range of African inspired Father’s Day cards in vibrant colours and with African wax print letters. Now you have the card sorted, on to the present.


Gifting Experiences on Father’s Day

Your dad has probably already bought all the ‘stuff’ he needs so you could look into buying him an experience instead. Rather than cluttering up his cupboards with something he doesn’t need, you could send him skydiving, potholing, hot air ballooning or similar.

An experience gift gives him the opportunity to enjoy something he’d never usually get to do. Something so far removed from the normal life that he will remember it forever. If your dad is a thrill seeker Virgin Experiences have a range of deals to suit all pockets, from £39 for a day of paintballing for two people to £2,750 to fly in an original Spitfire fighter plane. 

It doesn’t have to be all about the adrenaline though. You could treat him to a tour of his favourite football team’s ground, send him up the Shard in London or even buy him a scary movie cinema and meal package at a jail in Cornwall!


Buying Clothes for Father’s Day


How are your dad’s threads looking nowadays? Could he do with a makeover? You can set him on the right track by buying clothes for Father’s Day 2019. Obviously, you’ll need to release your inner detective and do some groundwork beforehand. However, with his measurements in hand, you are Ready to pick the perfect outfit for dad.

Obviously, what you buy depends on his sense of style and your budget, but there is a great range of options available. For a young at heart dad, East London streetwear firm 1Figures has everything he needs. If he’s into gaming, the £30 Grand Theft Auto-inspired Vice City Dreams t-shirt is perfect. Or maybe he’d prefer one of the company’s Unruly sweaters. 1Figures’ clothing is worn by the glitterati of the music industry, from rapper SNE to grime legend Ghetts so he will be in good company. 

For the more refined father, Lynch and Mason is a great destination, particularly if dad is a taller gentleman and you have saved up a few quid. The company produces small, but smart and distinctive collections each season, featuring overcoats, shirts and trousers. They don’t come cheap, but your dad will surely appreciate the quality on offer.


Food and Drink as Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2019

 You can’t go wrong when you buy your dad more of his favourite food or drinks for Father’s Day. The ever-reliable Marks and Spencer has a vast array of different Father’s Day packages, which is certain to include the ideal gift for your dad. From a £10 Swiss chocolate assortment for the father with a sweet tooth, through the £25 Tasty Tuck Box, including beer, crisps and pork crackling, to the £100 prosecco and red wine hamper. 

You could also look into an Afrocentric Father’s Day hamper too. If your dad is African, has African heritage or simply loves the continent, provides the Out of Africa package. It features African curry spice mix, African coffee, coconut Piri Piri and a host of other delicacies.


The Real Meaning of Father’s Day

Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune on Father’s Day gifts this year. The real meaning of the day is to celebrate the man and your love for each other. If you can’t splash out on a present, then simply be there for him, cook him a meal or even make him a cup of tea. It is very much the thought that counts on Father’s Day 2019.

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