Georgina's Story


I'm Georgina Fihosy, the creative behind AfroTouch Design (formerly Special Touch Designs) an Afrocentric stationery brand. I design urban greeting cards and gift items for all occasions and seasons.

I started, what was then, Special Touch Designs in the summer of 2015 whilst on maternity leave with my second child, ( I now have 3 wonderful children) mainly out of frustration around the lack of representation in the greeting cards industry. I wanted to find a card for a friend who had just had a baby and couldn’t find one with a black baby or one that reflected her and her family and this beautiful occasion. I wanted something fun and urban - so I decided to make one myself and Special Touch Designs was born. I launched the website in May 2016. I’m a Pharmacist by profession and still work full time. I’m self-taught and learned how to make and design cards via Google University.  

Fast forward to 2019 I decided to rebrand to Afrotouch design. I wanted a name and brand that would truly resonate with you and explain through the name, what I did – I give products an AfroTouch!!. I really want to help you share personal moments of afrocentric joy through my products. 

I love all things paper and when you couple that with the vibrancy of African wax print fabric you get a unique and urban AfroTouch Design.

Each card is individually made in my home in Kent. I have carefully sourced the best board and hand-picked each fabric to give you a truly one of a kind gift item. You won't find products like these anywhere else.

Giving a card or gift on any occasion is about spreading love and drawing a smile, giving an Afrotouch Design product does just that plus so much more. It gives you a glimpse of the fusion of African and western cultures and promotes the beauty of Africa in both an urban and modern way.