How to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 During a Pandemic

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 25 February 2021

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 During a Pandemic


As we head towards Mother’s Day 2021, it seems ever more likely that it will not be anything like the usual event. With all parts of the UK still in some form of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, there won’t be any huge family gatherings, big restaurant reservations or any of the usual activities. And that is why it is more important than ever to celebrate mums at this difficult time for everyone.


Why We Need to Make Mother’s Day 2021 Even More Special

Mother’s Day is a time to give back to your mum after another year of support and love. The last 12 months have been even more difficult than usual. Mums have been separated from their children and grandchildren due to social distancing regulations. There has been the stress of worrying about work, the transformation into temporary teacher in order to homeschool the kids and the interruption to social life, shopping opportunities, gym going and more.


But without the usual ways of treating your mum on this special day, how are you going to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? It needs to fit in with the gathering and travel restrictions where you live, but what could that be? Well, we have put together some lockdown Mother’s Day ideas to help, whether you are looking to show your appreciation to your mum who lives elsewhere or to your partner on the kids’ behalf. Keep reading to find out more.


Get Her Favourite Restaurant to Deliver

Many restaurants around the country have adapted to new ways of engaging with their customers during the Covid-19 restrictions. Some have turned to offering takeaway versions of their popular dishes and some have sent out kits that you cook at home to recreate the restaurant experience.

To spoil your mum, you could order food from her favourite restaurant to be delivered to her home. In addition, why not build a ‘home restaurant’ package, with candles, new glasses, special napkins and more that will transform her house into an exclusive eatery for the night?

The great thing is that, whatever her taste, there is an option. Everyone from Michelin-starred restaurants to your local fast food places have taken the plunge and are delivering right now.


Help Her Relax

In hectic times like these, sometimes the best present is the gift of relaxation. We are all working at a hundred miles an hour, so the chance to just sit down and take the chance to chill is invaluable.

This is easiest if you live with the mum you want to celebrate, either your own mother or your partner. Let her have a lie-in, bring her breakfast in bed, set her up with a tablet to catch up on those streaming shows she’s into. Treat her like the queen she is and wait on her hand and foot. You don’t have to spend large amounts of money to celebrate the mum in your life. The gift of time is free, but invaluable at the same time.


Just Chat

If you can’t see your mum on Mother’s Day 2021, there are still ways to meet up. Yes, many of us live our lives on video conferencing software at the moment and are excited to leave that behind for the weekend, but there is something very special about being able to see your mum as you call her up for a Mother’s Day chat.

You could even organise your siblings to be part of the same call and give your mum the feeling of that much-needed family meet-up that simply isn’t possible at this time. 


Create a Kids’ Voucher Book

If you want a great, Covid-secure Mother’s Day present from the kids to your other half, a voucher book is a good idea. The kids create their own vouchers for tasks such as hugs, chores, massages or anything else they think she will like. Then mum can redeem them any time she wants!

On the voucher theme, you can buy her a voucher for Afrotouch Design, so she can browse our selection of cards, gifts and accessories and pick just the right thing for her.


Make Her a Playlist

Remember the good old days of mixtapes? Recording your loved one’s favourite tunes onto a C90 cassette and hoping you didn’t have to cut the last song on the side in half when it came to the end of the tape. Simpler times!

However, the streaming services we use today are great for curating your own playlists, even if they lack the nostalgic charm of the old mixtape. This Mother’s Day put together mum’s favourite tunes on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or any other service of choice and gift it to her as the soundtrack of the day.


Africa-Inspired Mother’s Day Cards

No celebration is complete without a card, so make sure you get mum an Africa-inspired Mother’s Day card from Afrotouch Design. Take a look at our colourful collection, guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

However, you celebrate Mother’s Day 2021, we hope she has a brilliant time. We can make it special, even in these strange circumstances.


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