How to Create the Perfect Retail Experience

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 25 March 2022

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Covid-19 restrictions are now a thinking of the past in the UK and that means that the high street can begin to build itself back in earnest. If you run a bricks and mortar business, you will have had a torrid time over the past two years, but now is your chance to shine. I have put together some tips to help you create a retail experience that will bring the crowds flocking back to your store, rather than spending with your online rivals.


We may have got used to working from home, shopping from home and even socialising from home too (Zoom quiz, anyone?), but there are still many people who love to visit shops and see the products in real life. Here’s how you go about making your shop an even more attractive prospect for shoppers.


1)  Give Them a Reason to Visit

Unfortunately, physical shops have to battle against the convenience of online shopping and that is a tough battle to win. It is so simple to order your goodies by tapping your phone whilst sprawled on the sofa that the idea of travelling into a town and seeking out an item in person can seem like too much effort.


So you have to give customers a reason to make that effort. It could be the top quality service you offer, the exclusive offers you can only provide in store, the retail experience within your shop from the music and visuals to free coffees and fascinating displays, or anything else that makes people look forward to visiting you because they know they will receive value in some way, financially or emotionally.


An eye-catching display can persuade passers-by inside, and that is the intrigue and excitement you do not get with online shopping. In addition, offer freebies and trials for people who set foot in the shop. Generating more footfall brings more sales.


2)  Optimise Your Displays

Many shoppers might think that they are completely free-willed, but by optimising your displays, you can secretly nudge them to browse, then purchase and then buy more. The retail experiencer you create guides them exactly where you want them and allows you to create the perfect opportunities to gain their custom.


Firstly, you catch their eye with a window display that is bold and stands out from the crowd. This tempts them in. Then you direct them around the shop by carefully placing displays to encourage customer flow past the items you want to promote. Clear signage and simple but enticing displays bring your offers to their attention. Once they decide to buy, they are presented with those upselling opportunities at the counter, and offering them a discount on their next purchase means they are likely to return in the future.


3)  Use Data to Superserve Customers

All businesses receive a great deal of data, but not everyone uses it to their advantage. Looking at the overall picture, you can dive into the data your customers generate to understand more about best selling products and suppliers. You can also find out when your customers make purchases and much more.


This data helps you adjust stock levels, prioritise which items you display most prominently, make the most efficient staffing decisions and more. All of this superserves the customer without them even knowing. You understand more about how your customers interact with the retail experience and make it easier for them to buy the items they want to buy.


Using your point of sale data, you can also personalise offers for your customers. Knowing what an individual has bought, helps you recommend other products that they may like to them directly. In addition, installing a loyalty scheme rewards them for returning to your shop and makes them feel like part of the brand. These experiences are invaluable for creating a bond that makes them want to visit a real shop, rather than simply buying online.


Ready to Boost Your Retail Experience?


I am proud to feature my designs in many brilliant retail shops, both chain stores and independents. There is nothing like the retail experience of the bricks and mortar store when it is done right and I hope these tips have helped you. I’d love to know how you go about creating a unique experience for your business. Let me know by contacting me today




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