How to Make the Most of Email Marketing Lists

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 20 December 2022

email marketing lists


Email marketing lists can be a powerful way to bring in business. Four billion people use email every day. And by the end of 2023, mailing lists will be responsible for $11 billion-worth of business per year.

To gain your share of this, you have to get your mailouts just right. Thankfully, there are some tricks that you can put in place to make your marketing emails stand out in your customers’ inboxes. Take a look at these tips that I have collected together to help you with your email marketing lists.



Email Marketing Lists - Tips

Grab Attention Right Away

Your first task is to get someone to open your email. It sounds obvious, but they can’t buy your products if they delete the email as soon as it pops up.

Grab their attention. The headline is important, and you want it to interest and intrigue them. It should hint at something they need to know about inside. Something that contains real value to them. You should also put work into your description and the first few lines so that they have the same effect. Either of these could appear in the preview pane on the email.

The content needs to be punchy, straight to the point and it must encourage further reading. Tease an offer that is situated deeper down in the email, promote an exclusive piece of content you are giving away - give people a compelling reason to open that email.


Ensure it is Relevant to Your Target Audience

People signed up to your list because they like what you do. Consider that and make sure you don’t go too far off topic. You do want people to be challenged and to move from being passive to becoming active customers, but this is a subtle shift.

For example, if your customers buy cards from you, like mine do, then it is within reason to talk to them about other lines of stationery. However, you wouldn’t suddenly write an email about luxury cars or cleaning products. Extreme examples, but you get the idea.


Use a Clear Call to Action

Think about what you want the members of your email marketing lists to do after reading this email and be clear in how you ask them to carry this out. This is a call to action, or CTA.

Use buttons with a different background colour to highlight your CTA and use as few words as possible to communicate the action. Otherwise, this message gets lost and people do not do what you want.

Simply, CTAs such as “See the deal” or “Visit the discount page” leave readers in no doubt what they are meant to do. If the CTAs are separate from the text, they stand out and even scan readers can’t miss them.


Check Your Spelling and Grammar

You can’t recall a message to your email marketing lists when you hit ‘Send’. If your spelling or grammar is off, it’s a direct reflection on your company.


Check the Design Works

Your potential customers will open this email on desktops, mobiles or tablets, so it needs to look perfect on each platform. Optimise the images to make sure they load quickly.

If a recipient opts to open the email in plain text, it still needs to look professional and enticing for them. Think about the many ways people use emails and make it work for the vast majority. 


Ensure You Add the Correct Information

Make sure all the links in your email are current and working. There is nothing worse than someone following your CTA and then being frustrated that they are sent to an error page. They back out of your website and you lose a sale. Possibly hundreds of sales depending on the size of email marketing lists.

If you talk about offers, they still need to be running for long enough for those who don’t check their mail for a couple of days to take advantage. Otherwise, they might decide these emails are not relevant to them and unsubscribe.


Monitor the Success of the Campaign

Make sure you review the email and its performance afterwards. Did it bring in enough new business? Did enough people open the email? Did you receive more or fewer unsubcribes than usual? 

These details can help you work out how to improve your next email.


Speaking of Email Marketing Lists…

I hope these tips on email marketing lists help you with your mailouts. If you would like to see how I put mine together, don’t forget to subscribe right now.



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