Mother’s Day 2019: The best gift for your mum and how to treat her on this day

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 22 March 2019

Mother’s Day 2019: The best gift for your mum and how to treat her on this day

Mother's Day

It’s that one day of the year when we get to show our mother’s just how much they mean to us, how much we love them and how much we do notice all the little things, yes that includes the well-known lectures and moans, I don’t think this ever stops as a parent, your child is your child no matter how old they get.

By default, you probably run around last minute trying to conjure up the perfect gift for that queen in your life. Reality is last minute shops can and will end up in a disaster leaving you with ‘whatever’s left on the shelf’. Does this really repay our mothers for the lifelong commitment they made to raise us? I don’t think so!

The adventures of Supermum Vs the world and everything in it

The older we get, the more we come to realise that mothering isn’t quite the rainbow party media made it look like. Actually, most parenting blogs would have you believe that being a mother means developing a slight drinking problem, losing your sanity at least once a day and learning to run a whole empire on very little sleep. But how do they do it? How did our mums do it all?

The answer is very simple – every time a woman becomes a mother, they are instantly gifted with a superpower. Now, this doesn’t just happen through giving birth, although that in itself is an indescribable rite of passage, but there are plenty of women that step in when the biological mother is unable to. So they too become mothers with their own superpower. So how do we celebrate these superheroes? Well for starters we can’t do it all in one day… but we can still make it a great day to start with!

Mother's Day


A very Afrocentric Mother’s Day

Now obviously these superheroes all have different powers and different ways about them. To show our appreciation we came up with our own range for Mother’s Day. In doing so we wanted to capture and celebrate our mother’s history, background and individuality.

We want to say thank you for the understanding, words of wisdom, cursing and insults. Because let’s face it, at times we did deserve it! Be sure to check out our Mother’s Day range for cards that will truly speak to her.

The cards we have designed are filled with vibrant colours, bold prints and of course full of Afrocentricity! We know your mother will just love to see more of herself in a card that celebrates her roots and uniqueness.

It is true that our superhero mothers aren’t really represented in the world around us. And do we, as mothers, see enough of ourselves in our day to day routines and interactions with our surroundings? We already know the answer to that! So we invite you to celebrate our past, our culture and magic, you’ll find a selection of appropriate and dedicated gifts for the superhero in your life!

Mother's Day Card

What other gifts other than chocolates and Harvester are there?

After you get that all so important card and gift, you may still want to do something else for and with your mum. So here are a couple of less traditional ideas on how you could treat your heroine on the day:


Cook up a storm by taking a cooking class together

Your mother is possibly a pro in the kitchen and will probably always criticise any restaurant you take her to, regardless of how many Michelin stars it has or who the head chef is! She will probably think she knows better than the teacher, however, this is about the experience more than anything else. If your mother likes another culture’s cuisine, it would be fun for you both to learn how to make their signature dish and learn more about their history.

A cooking class together would also be beneficial to your relationship as it would better your communication skills, hopefully, broaden your taste pallet and create great memories, especially if it goes epically wrong!

Jamie Oliver Cooking Class


If her superpower is dancing, make her your dancing queen for the day and enjoy a dance class

If your mum thinks she has the moves like Jagger or probably better, why not have a little sweat session and put her skills to the test? According to a CNN report, taking up dancing frequently in adulthood will improve your memory, serve as a mental escape, improve your balance and coordination; and remember dancing has no age limit!

So let your dancing queen show off her moves and learn some new ones with one of her favourite people by her side. Check out Danceworks classes


What really matters to her is time and thoughtfulness

To be honest, it doesn’t matter where you take her or what you do, all your mum really wants is to spend time with you and feel appreciated. Over the years there were sacrifices, tears, laughter, fights and make-ups but the everlasting unconditional love was always there. She will love whatever you decide to do because time spent together is what really counts, it’s about the memories you’re making and stories you’re sharing. 

We want to wish you and your supermum the best Mother’s Day ever!



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