Stationery Essentials for Uni, School and Work

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 26 August 2021

stationery essentials


Not only are the kids going back to school, but students will soon be filling up halls of residence and shared houses, and mums and dads will be knuckling down back at work after the summer. Hopefully the break will have refreshed and reinvigorated you, ready to face the challenges ahead as we travel into autumn. And what better way to set yourself up for success than with a host of new kit for writing, organising and transporting your work? Here are the stationery essentials for uni, school and work.


Stationery Essentials for Uni

University is an exciting time. Whether you are flying the family nest for the first time and starting out as a fresher or you are returning to catch up with your mates for another year of juggling studies with having a good time.


This might be the first time in a while you have actually been able to attend the physical campus after the turmoil of the last year, so make sure you look the part and are ready to go! Our tote bags come in two different designs and two different colours, with every possible combination providing a great-looking way to carry all the papers, books and folders you need for uni life. Check out the “she believed she could so she did” design to help you stay motivated even when you are burning the midnight oil in the university library.


With lectures, seminars, societies and social activities all needing to be scheduled in, a beautiful, African inspired weekly planner is essential. Not only does it give you a visual representation of how busy your week is, but it also comes with a handy section in which to jot down your intentions for the week and review your activities with weekly wins too. Perfect for helping you stay organised even in the hectic world of higher education.


If You’re Moving into a New Shared House

One of the joys of uni is in moving into a new shared house and stamping your joint personalities on it. Bring the place to life with our range of Afrocentric affirmation mugs that hold your hot drinks and provide you with motivational slogans to set you up for another day.


Stationery Essentials for School

On a typical day at secondary school you will use pens, pencils, felt tips, a ruler, protractor, set square, compass and all manner of other items, so you need to be able to keep them all neat and tidy in one place. Celebrate the vibrant continent of Africa by using one of our stunning canvas pouches as a pencil case. Big enough to carry everything you need and bold and beautiful enough to make you the envy of the rest of the class.


Another mainstay of the school experience is the humble pen. With so many notes to take, pages to write and sums to work out, your pen needs to be comfortable and use fast drying ink so that you don’t smudge your work. We have an Afrotouch Design BIC grip roller pen that fits the bill completely. Make sure it is in your pencil case in time for the first day back.


Stationery Essentials for Work

If you have managed to take some time off this summer, you will certainly notice that the tasks in your in tray will have been racking up. Don’t panic, you’ve got this. You can take on the challenge, and an Afrotouch Design A5 to-do list notepad will help you through. Coming in three different designs, the lists allow you to create separate task columns for work and life, as well as keeping track of how much fruit and veg you eat, and water you drink. This is particularly important, as we tend to put our head down and focus on sorting through the work, when we really also need to think about ourselves and our own wellbeing, even when we are busy. Especially when we are busy.


 stationery essentials for uni


Make sure you pick up a new notebook too. They look amazing and are perfect for jotting down ideas, working out solutions and recording who has made a round of drinks that day, and more importantly who hasn’t!


And don’t forget, whether you are going to uni, school or back to the workplace, take a photo of your Afrotouch goodies in place and tag me in them please!


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