The Essential Back to School Stationery List

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 25 August 2020

The Essential Back to School Stationery List


The return to school after the summer holidays is always a shock to the system for kids, but this year it will be even more of a big deal. The government is insisting that all classes across the country will go back in September, with many pupils having not passed through the gates since the early Spring. With them and you both out of practice at this schooling thing, this essential back to school stationery list will be invaluable.

There will be a mad rush for new uniforms and shoes for children who have grown at a rate of knots throughout the coronavirus lockdown. Kids will pick fresh school bags for the coming term, with coats on the shopping list ahead of the cooler weather coming in. But back to school stationery kit is high up on the priority list too, so here is what you need to buy before the playground bell goes again in September.


What You Need in Your Pencil Case

Of course, you could buy all sorts of fancy back to school stationery kit, but there is a basic list of absolute essentials to put in your pencil case ready for the start of term. Here are the most important items on your essential back to school stationery list:

● A pencil
● A pen
● A ruler
● Coloured pencils
● Coloured pens
● A rubber
● A pencil sharpener
● Spares of everything

You can find many of these items bundled together in back to school stationery packs from major retailers across the country, which can save you a fair bit of cash when compared to buying everything individually.

Of course, you will need somewhere to store all of these stationery items. We have two different types of canvas pouch that would make great, vibrant pencil cases.


Back to School Extras

If your child is in secondary school, it is likely that they will need special back to school maths equipment as well. Depending on their school year in September, this could include all or some of the following:

● Compass
● Set square
● Protractor
● Scientific calculator

These items are not just for use in maths lessons. They can also prove handy for science subjects, geography, and design and technology too, amongst others. The compass, set square and protractors also tend to come bundled together at stationery shops.


Other Great Items for Your Back to School Stationery List

So far, everything on the essential back to school stationery list has been fairly generic. However, if your child wants to add a slice of their personality and heritage into proceedings, they can do so with Afrotouch Design’s notebooks and planners. We have put together these useful resources in vivid and exciting African designs to help you and your family stay organised. These would make excellent stationery options, particularly for university and college students.

We have three different designs of a notebook, which you can buy individually for £8. You can also pick up sets of two for £15. They are high quality, A5, lined notebooks that are ideal for jotting down ideas, workings out, to-do lists and more. These notebooks fit perfectly into our canvas pouches to allow you to keep all your stationery together in one place.

Afrocentric Notebooks

We also have daily planners to help you keep up to date with appointments, lesson schedules, priorities and more. We have also added spaces for positive affirmations and reasons to be grateful too! If you prefer to pick up back to school stationery online, you can also purchase digital downloads of planning sheets and to-do lists. Just take a look at the Notebooks and Planners page of the website to find more details.


Daily planner

I hope this helps and I would love to hear what else you would put on your essential back to school stationery list.

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