Wholesale - Afrotouch Design an African Inspired Stationery, Greeting card and Gift Brand


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Would you like to stock some truly vibrant, bold and beautiful stationery, greeting cards and gift items? Do you currently provide a buying option for people looking for something more culturally reflective? If your answer is 'we'd love to!' Then we are so here for you!

Afrotouch Design is an award-winning stationery, greeting card and gift  brand offering high-quality items finished with African print designs.  If you’d like to consider stocking our products, we’d love the opportunity to discuss further.

Learn more about becoming a stockist or request a product catalogue by completing the contact form with details of your inquiry.

If you are ready to order you can now order direct through FAIRE and benefit  £300 off & 1 year of free shipping

If you have any further questions email: