Why AfroTouch Design?


Why Afrotouch Design?

Everything we design has a touch of West African design at its heart. We want to provide African inspired stationery, greeting cards and gift items that celebrate the wonders of West African culture and lifestyle. We believe that through the giving and receiving of our products our community will feel a sense of representation in today’s diverse world.

Celebrating Milestones

The core of Afrotouch Design lies in our original African fabric finished greeting cards. The act of giving greeting cards remains an important part of celebrating life’s wonderful milestones, even in today’s digital age we still want to put pen to paper and share best wishes and words of encouragement to our loved ones. Afrotouch design helps you to do this by creating stationery, greeting cards and gift items with an African touch that you and your family can really relate to. We are sure that they will always draw a smile whatever the event. Our greeting cards are made with you in mind.

Quality Materials

We don’t compromise on quality, we carefully hand-pick all the fabric and ensure that all our materials are responsibly sourced from sustained and managed forests by FSC accredited suppliers.

African Inspired Designs

Our designs are simple yet complex all at the same time. The use of careful laser cut African print fabric patterns turns a simple silhouette design into an afrocentric gift which is vibrant, bold and beautiful.