Christmas Gift Guide: The Hottest Gifts Around

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 27 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide: The Hottest Gifts Around



Christmas is around the corner, the countdown has begun. Everyone’s rushing around in panic mode thinking about the best gifts to buy their loved ones, friends and colleagues. It can become quite stressful and overwhelming especially if you have a lot of people to think about. I put this together to make your life a little easier. I have selected some of the top trending gifts for 2018 to help you narrow down your shopping list next time you head out and hit the shops.


For the special woman in your life

USB Leather Tassel Cable

USB Tassle

Nothing is as scary as the phone dying while one is still in the midst of having fun with friends or compiling that oh so important email or text. Especially so for the modern woman who likes to be on the move. A USB leather tassel cable for charging is a super cute way to stay alive and connected wherever she goes. Forget lugging around that spare charger.

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A makeup beauty box gift to add to their glow

Mac Makeup Gift Box

Why not impress her with an exclusive look fantastic x M·A·C Cosmetics Limited Edition Beauty. Perfect for a women who loves to dabble in a little makeup and beauty. There is a total worth value of over £65 all expertly curated containing, 6 hero M·A·C products, perfect for trying out some of their cult products!

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For the special man in your life

Scratching your head over a gift to get men this Christmas? Finding something that will have him beaming  need not be so difficult with the ideas we have put together below;

Grooming Kit

Grooming Kit

Who says men don’t care about their skin as much as women. I think we all know they do deep down. So why not consider treating him to a grooming kit they will adore. This company specialises in black men’s grooming and hair products.

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Docking station for the techy guy

Docking Station

I’m sure you have seen some docking stations in your time, there’s so many. This cool docking station is not like your ordinary one, it will wow that special man in your life. This is a perfect solution to keep all their daily go-to items in one easy to find space. It keeps their smartphone tablet, keys watch glasses and wallet altogether, so they don’t need to keep frantically searching for the random places they have been placed.

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Magazine Subscription or box gift to match their interests

If you know the interest of your friends and family, you can get them a magazine subscription as Christmas gifts this year. There is a wide range to choose from and these are easily found in stores and online all year around. Make it personal and give each of them the subscription that matches their interests and watch them break into excitement and smiles this Christmas! They’ve probably never been given a gift like this before. We have rounded up a couple of subscriptions that are well worth looking at:

  • Pride Magazine

                Pride Magazine

A 12-month subscription option for both digital and print copies to have them thinking of you all year round.  

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  • Dapper Black Box

    Dapper Black Box

Introducing the first and only subscription service for the conscious gentleman. Dapper Black Box covers everything from Haircare to socks, ties and more. Every month is different keeping them excited in anticipation of knowing what’s to come next. It will be like Christmas every time they received one.

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Secret Santa gift ideas

You want to get a special gift for colleagues at work or for friends but have no clue where to start. Getting them boring gift cards is not something you want to do once again this year which is exactly why you may want to consider getting each of them something fancier and more personal.

Journals and Notebooks

Hyphen London

A collection of stylish, contemporary stationery designed to keep you inspired and motivated as you journey through life.

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Mugs that will be remembered

Afrocentric Mugs

Personalised mugs are a way to make sure they never forget you. There’s a lot to choose from out there giving you the flexibility to customise each mug so you truly are making each person feel special despite it being the same concept all round. Why not go the extra mile and add some candy in the mugs as well, everyone loves a surprise especially a sweet one!

Special Touch Designs offers our own unique range of printed mugs if you really want to get something that wows them this may be just what you’re looking for. Our designs include the popular Afrolips design and the phenomenal woman design.

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A canvas bag for your friends

Whether going out on a casual afternoon trip in town or out shopping with friends, your friends will appreciate a canvas bag as a Christmas gift this year. Our unique designs can be used for their most precious items on the go! This one will wow them this year!

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Hopefully, this has made your job easier. Any gifts you think should be added to this list? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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