Essential Back to School Stationery For September 2019

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 29 August 2019

Essential Back to School Stationery For September 2019


In July, the school summer holidays seem like they will never end. However, time flies and you suddenly find yourself looking at the new term, rushing around to be prepared. There is so much to get organised before the kids go back to school. From new uniforms to shiny shoes, the list goes on. Back to school stationery is another key area in which you need to stock up, and here is a guide to the best black-owned businesses from which to find the equipment your children need.


The essential piece of back to school kit for any child is their school bag. It is the item they carry around for most of the day and they want something that will help them stand out from the crowd. That is why Lela and Mosi by My Lela is such a special brand. 

The business began when the owners failed to find an animated character on clothes and accessories that truly represented their daughter. The husband and wife team put their heads together and created the character of Lela (meaning ‘black beauty in Swahili). They developed her backstory and she then adorned a range of items, including school bags. Lela’s best friend is Mosi (‘the first’ in Swahili), and he also has his own collection of merchandise.

You can get hold of these bold and bright backpacks and lunch bags, featuring strong, positive black role models, online now. Your children will have a real point of difference from the multitudes of Ben 10s and Barbies when they walk back through the school gates in September.


Lunch Bags

Fefus Designs

Another impressive company that sticks out is FeFus Designs. These lunch bags really do stand out with their unique illustrations. What was once a little girls dream blossomed into a reality, which in my opinion deserves a salute. The market is already saturated with options for your kids, stop confirming to the noise and go ahead and start a new trend.




Even with computers and tablets becoming the dominant force in the workplace, the humble pencil is still an absolute essential in school. If you want items with an African twist, have a look at Boutique Mix on Etsy. They have pencils with ‘hope’, ‘love’, ‘peace’ and ‘faith’ engraved on the side, with a map of Africa replacing a letter in each word.

These are beautifully simple pieces of back to school stationery from a great black-owned business and are really neat and individual. Order today to start filling up your children’s pencil cases before they go back to school. 


Weekly Planner

The new school term brings the opportunity for children to get organised with their homework and extracurricular activities. This is where a wall planner comes in handy. Yes, many kids have phones and other electronic devices that can schedule appointments and reminders, but there is nothing quite like seeing a physical template for the week in front of you.  

London-based Bonita Ivie Prints supplies stationery on Etsy and has a gorgeous weekly planner pad on sale. With a simple but effective brush stroke design in the background, it features room to scribble down all the essential information for each day, as well as extra notes and a section for priorities. You could hang this on your child’s bedroom wall so they have no excuse for missing that vital science homework assignment.


Art Supplies

If you have a budding crafter in your family, you might want to stock up on supplies. The Gallery London provides all the PVA, slime glue and other art supplies your kids need to get creative with their homework. Thankfully the sticky substances are kind to their hands and skin in general, so it doesn’t matter too much if they make a mess!



African Inspired Notebooks

Notebooks are the perfect back to school stationery tool for jotting down ideas for essays, projects and other school assignments. If your child carries one with them at all times, they can scribble their thoughts straight away rather than risking forgetting their great idea.

We have some beautiful African-inspired notebooks featuring vibrant designs and positive slogans. Take a look in our Gifts section to pick up something for your child to keep with them in their bag when they go back to school in September.

I hope you have found some of the essentials you need from these black-owned businesses. Here’s to being prepared for the children going back to school this year!

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