What’s Trending for African Wedding Season?

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 25 July 2019

What’s Trending for African Wedding Season?


The summer is finally here and this time of year brings a host of weddings to enjoy and cherish. If you are planning an African wedding or an African-inspired ceremony, it is good to know what is trending so everything can be on point. Whether you are heading to Africa for your nuptials or putting on an African wedding in the UK, here are some of the big themes and ideas that are popular for African wedding season.


African Wedding Dresses

Photo Credit: VLISCOOf course the traditional African wedding dress has always been white, as is the case for much of the world. However, many African brides are now choosing to do things differently. Platinums, ivories and pinks are more common than ever both for weddings in Africa and African weddings in the UK too.

As well as varying colours, many brides are moving away from lace and looking for other fabrics to give their dresses a unique feel. Individuality is certainly a major trend for African wedding season, allowing your imagination to run wild!


Cakes for African Weddings

In addition to the change in direction for wedding dresses, African wedding cakes are becoming much more wild and individual. The plain cakes of years gone by are being replaced with wild colours, patterns and designs. It is a fantastic way to make sure the cake fits in with the theme that runs through the rest of the wedding.

As well as colourful designs, you might also find all sorts of accessories on the cake during African wedding season. Jewels, crystals, flowers and all sorts of other accompaniments are used to liven up the wedding cake and fit in with the personalities of the bride and groom.

Another African wedding trend is to opt for cupcakes rather than a single, large cake. These look great on display, all stacked up, and then you can hand them out to your guests without worrying about creating a hundred equal pieces. They also look great on Instagram!


African Wedding Venues 

In South Africa, a big trend is to keep the wedding reception venue a secret before wowing the guests with a special reveal. Brides and grooms are hunting out stunning locations in which to hold their wedding celebration, only letting the attendees know where they are going once they have said their vows.

It could be a cabin in the woods, a beachside party or any number of other spectacular options. This African wedding season will see many couples upping their game to come up with the most idyllic and unusual locations in which to dance away the night with their friends and family.


Favours During African Wedding Season

Particularly in West Africa, wedding favours are a big deal. Couples give out everything from customised pens bearing the date of their wedding to chopping boards, pashminas, jewellery and even mobile phones!

At your wedding, you could gift your guests one of Afrotouch Design’s Afrocentric Affirmation Mugs, featuring stunning and vibrant African patterns.  Each features bold and bright African inspired prints and you can even match the specific design to the guest for a truly personal touch.

Similarly, our range of notebooks look great and give you the option of writing a personalised message inside the front cover, thanking guests for attending your African wedding.


African Wedding Food

Weddings have often been incredibly formal events, but the trend is towards being more relaxed nowadays. This African wedding season, you may notice a difference when it comes to the food. Many couples are doing away with the old fashioned three-course meal with table service. Instead, they favour a buffet arrangement with a spread of stunning looking food laid out on a separate table for guests to choose from.

A buffet is a fun and sociable event, getting guests on their feet and mingling with others. This can really help produce a relaxed atmosphere during your wedding reception.


Your Experiences

Have you been to a wedding in Africa or an African inspired wedding recently? Did you notice any fun and fantastic trends? Share the details with us!

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