Guide to Choosing the Right Greeting Card

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 25 June 2022

choosing a greeting card


Even in the age of the internet and email, there is nothing like receiving a greeting card from a loved one. The care that goes into them, the personal touches written within and the ability to display them to remind yourself of that thoughtful gesture combine to make them something really special. But how do you choose the right greeting card to make sure the recipient feels as loved as possible?

This guide looks at how you can go about choosing the right cards for your loved ones. The cards that will brighten their day when they arrive in the post.


Keep a Look Out All Year Round

As you get closer to the occasion for which you are buying the card, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, wedding or anything else, you might start to panic and end up buying a greeting card that isn’t quite right for that special person. This is why you should always be on the lookout for the right greeting card.

If you spot something you think would suit the recipient, but it is still eight months until the special day, get it there and then. In fact, stock up on cards for each significant person in your life so you never have to worry about what to send out on notable occasions.

You never know when that ideal greeting card will spring out at you, so take the opportunity whilst you are in the right place!


Consider What They Love

Everyone has their favourite hobbies and interests, animals that they love, countries they are passionate about visiting and individual heritage. When choosing a greeting card for a friend or family member, let this drive your decision making. 

This can narrow down your search considerably. If they love polar bears, for example, you can search online for cards related to these magnificent beasts or pay close attention to lines featuring nature on display in shops.

The idea behind Afrotouch Design came from my search for a new baby card for a friend with African heritage. I couldn’t find anything suitable that spoke to them and their situation. This is why I am passionate about creating cards that represent the culture and vibrancy of Africa.


Think About How it Will Look

We all have different views on how we want our houses to look, and you should consider this when you choose a greeting card for a friend or family member. If they are a minimalist, they might not want to display a big, bright, garish card on their mantelpiece, but this would be the perfect card for someone who was into bold colours for interior design. 

Cards are meant for display, so you should think about how it will look in the individual’s home and how suited to them and their tastes it is.


Think About the Occasion

It seems obvious, but the occasion dictates the type of card that you send. Of course there are specific cards designed for special occasions, but for those that are left blank for you to use as you wish, you should pick carefully.

Something bold, bright and busy might not be ideal for sympathy cards for many people, but others would appreciate the burst of vibrancy at a sad time. The occasion and how the person you are sending is likely to react to it should factor into your decisions when choosing a card for them.


Ready to Choose Your Greeting Card?

Afrotouch Design offers a range of Afrocentric greeting cards for all occasions, each infused with nods to Africa and perfect for someone passionate about the continent. Browse our selection today and stock up for your loved ones, ready to send them out and to celebrate their special days.

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