How to Create the Perfect Shop Display

Georgina Fihosy

Posted on 25 July 2022

shop display, perfect shop display


It is true that many of us buy the majority of our purchases from the internet now, but there is still nothing better than being presented with a really well thought out shop display. Online stores are so handy, but they can never replace the feeling of being around physical products.

I love that my Afrotouch Design cards and other items are available online for people to buy as well as adorning the displays of a host of brilliant physical retail partners from tiny independents to Waterstones.

 If you run a bricks and mortar shop, I thought I would take this opportunity to help you with some tips I have picked up. In order to provide that real unique selling point over the internet sellers, here is how to create the perfect shop display.


Tips For the Perfect Shop Display 


Colour is hugely important for a shop display. It sets the mood and tone of the display and allows you to stir the emotions you want to stir in your customers. Choose a colour theme to work around and collect items that fit that theme together. It will make a strong visual impact as people walk by, causing them to pay attention to what you have on offer.

In July and August, you might choose bright yellows and blues to represent summer tones. Particularly the sun and beach, and the sky and sea. This taps into the feelings of your customers, who might be preparing to go on holiday or dreaming of being away. Similarly, a red display around Valentine’s day and a chic all-white version in the winter will work well.

But you don’t have to be swayed by the season. Pick colours that will excite or will move people for other reasons. They will take their cues from the colour theme that you pick.


shop display, perfect shop display


Keep it Simple

There is a temptation to add a large number of items to your shop display in order for it to pop. But the trouble is that it becomes cluttered and difficult to take it all in. This means that the story and feelings you want the customer to experience get lost and the impact is less.

Remember that you are not only trying to capture people’s attention, but also to entice them to look closer at the products on sale. The products are the star, so make sure you don’t obscure them with too much other decoration.



You have two options, depending on your requirements. A symmetrical display is pleasing for our brains, with many experts saying that humans strive to find order in everything that we witness. However, the risk here is that symmetrical and evenly balanced displays blend into the background, because this is how we feel the world should be so it doesn’t stand out.

Asymmetrical displays provide a sense of drama and surprise. This means it is more likely that passers-by will take notice. They seem different and remarkable, making them worthy of closer attention.


 shop display, perfect shop display

Focal Point

Every shop display should have a focal point. This is where you want customers' eyes to fall once the display has captured their attention. The focal point will be around the area in which your most desirable or sought after products will be.

If you are pushing a particular line or you know that people love a particular item, place it in the middle and work the rest of the display around it. It should be the first thing you place into the design, with everything else surrounding it and drawing the eye in.

 You can accentuate the focal point with targeted lighting that highlights it to passers-by, as well as creating signage to provide more detail.


 shop display, perfect shop display

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